Week 2

Strawberry and Elderflower Frozen Nougat Cauliflower and Black Pudding Soup Paprika and Oregano-stuffed Sardines Confession – my cookery skills, as extensive as I think they are, are incredibly limited. I have never gutted a fish. Or descaled a fish. Or really done anything at all with a fish that didn’t involve just eating it. I […]

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Week 1

Cornish Garden Frittata Hedgerow Muffins Full Cornish Breakfast Pork Cassoulet I may have deliberately made Week 1 as un-daunting as possible – choosing some nice, convenient dinners to look forward to as the week went on. However, there are some obvious scuppers to the brilliant plan of cooking through the Great Cornish Food Book in […]

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The Great Cornish Food Book Challenge

31 recipes 10 weeks 1 rather splendid book It’s official – The Great Cornish Food Book has cleared its first birthday. A full cycle of seasons has come and gone, the pages have turned, and every element of gorgeous Cornish produce has had its chance to shine in the spotlight. And what a tasty spotlight […]

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